Katherine Benfante

Science Fiction Author

Read Scattered, a science fiction debut of time travel romance

Elie’s father, Ernest Rutherford, may be a famous physicist at McGill University, but in 1906 she’s stifled by female-only college classes. On top of that, she’s trying to prevent an impending engagement to a man she doesn’t love.

William Hertz is a brilliant graduate physics student at McGill in 2006 who has closed his heart while immersing himself in his work.

In one frightening instant, Elie accidentally transports herself from her father’s physics lab to William’s era. While trying to physically survive in a new century and hiding her true identity, she’s desperate to find a way back home. But once she meets William—and risks everything by revealing her true birthdate to him—the possibility to recreate the fateful physics experiment that flipped her world around gives her a chance to return home.

Yet in 2006 Elie knows what her future in 1906 holds for her, and she must choose between a doomed life with the family she loves or a tempting future containing a twenty-first century education—and William’s beguiling friendship.

Published by Silversmith Press, 2023.

Praise for Scattered

“The pace of the story was perfect … the touches of humor were wonderful … it has a connection to actual historical figures.”

“A physics lesson … all of the warm wholesomeness of a TV romance, as well as the centuries-spanning, nostalgic properties of old school sci-fi.”

About the Author

Katherine Benfante is the author of Scattered and several short fiction pieces. She lives in New Jersey with her family.

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