About Katherine Benfante

I think I was always meant to be an author. When I was younger, I wanted to be a teacher, then an architect, then a racecar engineer. But after I wrote a mammoth 60-page novel for my 6th grade teacher’s simple ten-page writing assignment, I thought I might have a few more stories in me.

Fast forward a decade or so, and I graduated in mechanical engineering from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec (the most fun four years you could imagine … I recommend every teen consider attending McGill!). I walked the same halls Elie and William did, and yes: the western-facing windows on the Schulich library’s fourth floor was my favorite studying nook on campus. I moved back to the States and proudly worked as an engineer for the Army and Navy. But I never stopped writing. Even after a long day of part drawings and program management meetings, I made time to pound away at my keyboard.

After getting married and having two (wonderful!) daughters, I kept writing – both out of love for writing and to show my girls you can reach your dreams. These days I spend my time as a mother; substitute teaching French, engineering, and math classes; and writing even more stories. I live in New Jersey with my family, across the street from a lake overrun by swans and Canadian geese.

Katherine Benfante, science fiction author

Fun Facts

  • Like my dad, I graduated from Skip Barber Racing School and actually earned my race car driver license! Sadly, it has since expired. But I have the videotape to prove I did it.
  • While working for the Army, I also earned my license to drive a tank! I drove an M1A2 Abrams and an M60, the latter of which I used to (purposely) crush a (junkyard) car in 2009 for a demonstration on Armed Forces Day. That’s also on video, and probably one of my life’s greatest moments.
  • I once memorized 100 digits of π while bored during a week-long training session at work. Have I mentioned I love math?!
  • I got a fortune cookie long ago that said, “You are a lover of words. One day you will write a book.” Maybe I should’ve played the lucky numbers on the flipside.
  • Another of my greatest achievements is converting my daughters into Potterheads. I only wish I fit into my kids’ “I’d rather be at Hogwarts” t-shirts…..

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